July 20, 2017

Digital Advertising


Let us assist you in your Digital Advertising campaigns. We can help you reach a targeted audience to increase your business’s exposure, sales, leads and more. Below, you’ll find the general outline of the digital advertising options that we provide.

  • Search Retargeting: When a consumer searches certain keywords within Google, we can display an advertisement after their search that when clicked, leads them to the destination you specify.
  • Site Retargeting: Allows individuals that visit your website whom didn’t purchase your product or service initially to be re-targeted via your display ad when they visit other websites.
  • Mobile and Tablet Ads: Advertising that targets mobile and tablet applications.
  • Premium News Network: Target your ads to a network of 2,500 premium content newspaper, broadcast and magazine sites including CNN, FOX, NYT, KDKA, WSJ.
  • Topic Targeting: Target topics rather than Keywords.


Did you know that 35% of total online advertisement spending is made up through video ads? In addition, 64% of viewers are more likely to buy a product after viewing an online video. Video viewing online is increasing dramatically every year; let us assist you with your video advertising needs.

Below, you can view the options we provide.

  • In-Stream Video Ads: A TV-Style ad runs before, during or after another video. Viewers see 5 seconds of your promoted video and then have the option to continue watching, or skip.
  • In-Display Video Ads: Your ad appears alongside other Youtube videos, or on websites that match your target audience.
  • In-Search Video Ads: Your video appears in a promoted section of the video search results page on Youtube and other video results pages.

*Target any video product at no additional cost. Target via Age, Gender, Income, Language, Location, Operating System, Device Models and Carriers.

Additionally, you can add an extra layer of targeting to any Digital Advertising product at no additional cost. Options include: Income, Age, Gender, Operating System, Device Models and Carriers.